Square Enix says "it’s a good chance" that future Final Fantasy games will come to PC

Final Fantasy XV PC team says "it's a good chance" that future Final Fantasy games will come to PC... but what do they know about the Final Fantasy VII Remake?

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DarkOcelet334d ago

Please release the kingdom hearts franchise on PC as well.

Diffraction_Fos333d ago

Especially if it comes with the standard "Pride and Accomplishment" feature. Can't wait to sink my credit card into it.

PhoenixUp334d ago

What Final Fantasy games haven’t they ported to PC yet

333d ago
SuperSonic91333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

Old news, right.
Might wanna add mobile as well.

The only platform not getting it is Nintendo, eh?

Asuka333d ago

Expected this. There was a reason why when ff7r was revealed it was stated as "first on PlayStation 4" I imagine a PC port about a year after... So 2023?! I kid haha ... But seriously

_-EDMIX-_333d ago

Well that would make sense because I don't even know any main Final Fantasy game that has not released on PC.

So based on just historically what they've done with Final Fantasy on PC the bigger question is who didn't expect this?

DillyDilly333d ago

Well that depends on when the PS4 version actually happens HAHA Im not kidding here

paintedgamer1984333d ago

Its also a good chance ff7 remake will not release this friggin decade.

OmnislashVer36333d ago

Ugh... Let's worry about the PS4 version first.

Sure, I want to be able to play this at 8K downsampled to 4K with 12K textures and 120fps and a million new effects, but let's be honest it will likely have a negligible difference between versions, and get remastered with the nearly same damn quality on PS5.(if it's not already getting 4K textures/settings for a PS5 launch already)...

Asuka333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

Honestly only reason I want the PC version is for 21:9 support. Other than that I agree might as well wait for a ps5 version at this rate...

starchild333d ago

Negligible? Nah, not at all. Every game I've compared between my PC and PS4 Pro has had significant visual advantages on PC. And when you add a 144Hz Gsync monitor into the mix the difference is even more dramatic.

Most games do not get remastered for a new generation of consoles. And even when they do they still often look and perform worse than the PC versions.

OmnislashVer36333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

The one game you can be sure of a PS5 version/remaster is FFVIIR. Not only is it their most popular game, It's MULTIPLE parts long and the second, third, and fourth(?) part will most definitely be on PS5.

That's like saying Uncharted, The Last of Us, Halo, and Gears of War didn't get remasters on PS4.

Also, this is Square-Enix we're talking about.

Lastly, what makes you think PC graphics won't be compatible with PS5? Lmao.

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