An Interview With the Gaming Influenced Rapper Who Holds a World Record For His Songs

Mega Ran is an influential rapper who loves rapping about video games. He loves it so much he has even managed to acquire a Guinness world record for it.

Whilst doing all that he's also toured the world, been given the seal of approval from Capcom and so much more.

Read our interview with him to find out what he loves and what makes him tick, plus see an exclusive music video about Monster Hunter: World!

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pellpell236d ago

Love Mega Ran. Need to see him live!

Bretty236d ago

He's touring the UK atm. Should try and check him out.

ScreenCritics236d ago

Mega Ran seems like such a cool guy to chat with.

Bretty236d ago

He's always been really nice whenever I see him at gigs. Seems to go out of his way to chat to his fans.

Bretty236d ago

I would love to interview him myself. Been a big fan of his for years and saw one of his first gigs in the UK. Chatted to him a tiny bit but not a full on interview.

Every time I see him live he doesn't disappoint.

Segata236d ago

Literally never heard of him.

opinionated236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

Lmao first time hearing about him, that’s awful rap. But hey, if he’s doing world tours and shit then good for him. No hate from me.