Konami Has Finally Lost its Mind with Microtransactions

Konami is no stranger to controversial microtransactions, but the company's decision to sell save slots in Metal Gear Survive just might be its worst idea yet.

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strayanalog2332d ago

Just don't buy them, or the game, and it will be okay. Konami's straitjacket is just on too tight again.

aarogree2332d ago

Well, yea, I won't, but what about other people?

strayanalog2332d ago

Oh, those people. I think the internet, or at least reddit, should do nicely with conveying the message about Konami's jacket problem. Definitely can't save them all, but if Konami's self-hug body warmer goes missing then I'll speak up.

AspiringProGenji2332d ago

Too late. It is top seller on Steam already

Codedan2332d ago

Consumer awareness. If you don’t have it then you deserve to get ripped off.

Cobra9512332d ago

Anyone still buying anything from Konami deserves the ill consequences.

JackBNimble2331d ago

You shouldn't have to research everything you buy in order to NOT get ripped off.
Besides that, like 98% of gamers don't visit sites like reddit or n4g so most people are completely unaware.

So do most people deserve to be ripped off?

Rachel_Alucard2331d ago


You SHOULDN'T yes but it's going to happen anyway. Awareness is a universal thing with buying anything. Doesn't matter if its from a retail chain or online, always research.

Elwenil2331d ago


Yes, if you don't pay attention to what you are buying you DO deserve to get ripped off. It's called personal responsibility. People are responsible for the decisions they make for themselves. If you make a stupid decision, you should pay the price. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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joab7772332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

I am completely dumbfounded by the fact that they would even attempt this as the first MG release following the departure of Kojima. Add to that the 2017 backlash against micros, and I'm in awe of the stupidity.

It really shows that they could care less about making a quality game and letting it stand on its own. The entire goal was to fleece hardcore MG fans who "had" to buy this game.

It's pathetic. I must add though, that if it does well, and pol do spend money in this, we will setback all the work that has been done over the last 6 months.

Vrabstin2332d ago

I really really wish you are wrong. But you're not.

aarogree2332d ago

Because Konami can't business.

vigakahesa2332d ago

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strayanalog2332d ago

I'm with you, because it is stupid, but‎ when Konami made that mobile focused shift years back that was our warning. So microtransactions are going to work themselves in no matter what, not to mention they have profited ever since, regardless of what we say or lunacy they demonstrate.
The safety net we enjoyed is long gone after last generation with our departure into the mainstream and the sudden jolt in mobile technology.
Combating the issue by not buying the game is the way to go, but so is not buying the microtransactions, Konami's own bread and butter.
I personally would rather no one buy the game to combat the issue, but that's a drop in an ocean and there simply aren't enough drops in the land of uninitiated mainstream.‎
Other than starting a committee on digital content which monitors developers, beating up every microtransaction-loving customer, or plastering warning stickers on game boxes, I haven't a clue of what to do. Petitions don't work and yelling online helps to a degree, but if we hate something we deem unfair then spreading the word online and in person is our best option.‎

Zeroyosh2331d ago

At the end of the day, it's ALWAYS about money. and not just to keep the company going, it's pure stupid greed. Corporation greed....

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Relientk772332d ago

Can't wait to not buy this game ever

InTheZoneAC2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

too late, I already didn't first

rainslacker2332d ago

Can't we all just be proud we didn't buy this Game?

PhantomS422332d ago

Or don't buy the game and show the greedy trash publisher we don't want their terrible games or their microtransactions. Don't give Konami a single penny.

d3nworth12332d ago

it would make sense if it was free to play but its not. Konami done lost their damn minds.

NotoriousWhiz2331d ago

If this takes off, maybe developers will start releasing games with no save slots.

"Oh, you want to save? You need 5 gold orbs for a loot box where you have a 20% chance at a one time use save slot. Don't have the orbs? You can pay $1 per orb. And try as many times as you need."

Orionsangel2331d ago

Exactly, don't buy it. Send a message.

chris2352331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

if t was that easy we wouldn‘t have gotten to the situation we‘re in now. if people were able to use their brains when the first title that came around with such crooked ideas, this title would have gotten ignored and the other devs and pubs would have gotten the right signal. but face it, blogging portals like this where people voice their anger is the absolute minimum of all customers. if comments in blogging sites or social media mattered – it would not be there. so i‘m afraid this abomination of a game will make enough money to justify its existence. whether a certain group of gamers will like it or not.

strayanalog2331d ago

True. This situation harkens back to last generation when people bought into this garbage with DLC and microtransactions. A time when I pleaded pretty hard with both the community and developers not to give in to this stuff, that this type of muck was coming, but that was roller skating up hill because of the industry's new acceptance.‎
The time to truly do something was then, insisting they be free - an idea in its twilight now with a handful of developers - but the proverbial door can't be closed because gaming became mainstream in that era.
You're right though, there aren't enough of us now because gaming isn't underground anymore, but we can control how much breeze comes through that door by not buying and spreading the word, both in person and online.

Awareness is key for us mad dozen, so dozens of gaming sites like these help the cause in their own small way by showing another young gamer the problem. It may be a drop in the ocean, but every drop helps.‎
I know I try educating people when I can all the time, whether it's a friend's friend or stranger in a store.‎ And I myself have never bought a microtransaction, loot box, or a piece of DLC.
I truly still am trying to make digital content free (numerous emails, letters, and sit downs) or bring a level of fairness to the field (educating the customer and now trying to form a digital fairness committee), so when I see idiotic news like this I just get more determined.‎

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Yi-Long2332d ago

Not many folks seem to be interested in this game anyway, and Konami is just adding reasons to completely ignore it...

aarogree2332d ago

They say there's no such thing as bad publicity. Konami seems to want to prove them wrong, and I'm more than willing to help.
Maybe we can get the company in such dire straights it sells off its IP to other companies, ones that recognize their importance and are willing to try to make good games again.

TheDriz2332d ago

It’s selling pretty well and people who actually play it longer than 2 hours seem to like it.

DarXyde2332d ago

As far as the internet, sure. Interest doesn't seem that strong. The internet, however, is often a reflection of a vocal minority in my experience. For instance, I see far more variation in opinions regarding GTA V here than I do in my life. Everyone I've personally interacted with seems to love it. Here, you get more people who are willing to criticize it.

So while I wish to believe interest isn't that strong, I'm not so sure. No one I know has it, so that might be true. Then again, I don't have that many Day One friends.