Nintendo website now letting players publish reviews of Switch games

Nintendo's website has updated, and is now allowing players to review Switch titles. Individual game pages should eventually show ratings out of five stars, and possibly the specific reviews as well.

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wonderfulmonkeyman241d ago

Oh lord, I can only imagine the flood of negative reviews that'll be sent in towards BotW, as a protest against its D.I.C.E wins.XD

Still, it'll be interesting to see what kinds of reviews will be let in. I imagine that the kind of "balancing" bullcrap that goes on in places like Metacritic, with crap low ratings and uninformative high ratings that both show no decent balance in describing the good and the bad of the games, will be filtered out in favor of well-written reviews that describe both the pros and cons in a decent light.

Ten bucks on a boat load of salt-lickers saying "BotW sucks because weapons break!"XD

Moonman241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

You have to have a Nintendo Account and be a verified player to post a review. So anyone who wants to troll will probably have to buy a Switch and the game. haha :)

Yep, when you click on "review this game"...BOWSER pops up and says "you have to play this game at least 2 hours"'s verified through your

FullmetalRoyale240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

Don’t put it past people. It always *cracks me up how games available for preorder on psn have a four star rating 95% of the time.
So at least a handful of people preordered a game, digitally, decided to rate it, and gave it less that five stars.
lol So bizarre.

DJK1NG_Gaming241d ago

It won't happen. I just did a review for Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
You have to submit it first.
Once it's approved it will go live. Therefore Trolls won't have their way with this.

PurpHerbison240d ago

I'm actually thinking the opposite. I think Nintendo fans will rush the reviews and have it looking like the next coming of Christ.

strayanalog241d ago

Uh-oh. Account or not, I still see this going south for a company players don't agree with. I truly hope to be proven wrong and players keep the review toward the game - not the company.

DJK1NG_Gaming241d ago

Well first you need a Nintendo Account, Second you need the game you're trying to review and third you need a least 2 hours of gameplay.
So pretty much this keeps out trolls.

gamer7804240d ago

welcome (at least partially) to the internet Nintendo!

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