Rhode Island Rep Misses the Point of the ESRB With His Proposed Tax on M-Rated Games

A Rhode Island state legislator wants Mature games taxed at a higher rate because he believes they cause violence in children. Here's why that's ridiculous.

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OB1Biker333d ago

Take that Kratos!
That'll teach you for enticing the retarted to use harmless assault rifles in a way that was not intended by the manufacturers.

AizenSosuke333d ago

So missing the point there

CrimsonWing69332d ago

Do it for all mediums that have violence then you retard! Oh no that’s right because you enjoy movies, books, and music... but video games, psssshhhhh only losers like that crap let’s slap a tax on that because apparently that’s the only form of entertainment these sociopaths consume, amirite?

Tross332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

I'm glad I don't live on Rhode Island, lol. Children should not be playing M rated games anyways. Parents who let their kids play such games should be taxed for being stupid. I'm not actually serious about that last part as there's no way to prove a parent is being a dunce, but come on! I like to think 17 year olds and older are capable of consuming said games without thinking they can just go out and do what they do in GTA on the streets of their real life suburb or city. Anyone younger than 17 shouldn't be playing those games anyways so complaints about them being bad for kids should fall on deaf ears. Actually, parents who go to the courts over a game clearly labeled as 17+ being a bad influence on their kid who's under that age should be fined for wasting the court's time and resources.