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Past Cure is a title with tons of ambition that's hobbled by sloppy execution. The game's cocktail or horror, gunplay, stealth, and story-driven narrative could have made it truly special. However, the lack of polish and some serious technical issues make it hard to recommend to all but the most starved shooter fans.

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misangeles235d ago

this game is getting slammed all over the place.. painful to watch all these sub par scores.

dead_pixels235d ago

I honestly had high hopes for it. Unfortunately, it feels like a collection of disparate, ill-fitting parts thrown together with little to no polish. The end result is unsurprisingly a mess.

derkasan235d ago

Shame it doesn't have the follow-through.

SenorFartCushion235d ago

I had my eye on it. Got it day one, hour one digital Xbox One download, played an hour but it's broken. I will be getting a refund tomorree