New HOME footage featuring TGS

See TGS being streamed live from HOME

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Tarasque3656d ago

OMG yes it is sick, he did nothing but walk around for a sec. I just cant get over how sick that was, i mean really did you see all the stuff he done. He walked this way then he walked that way just blew my mind.

Raoh3657d ago

sony could have had some serious promotion by making the tgs sony booth available in HOME for those in the beta.. the internet would have been flooded with videos. free promotion...

especially if you could sit in the theater and they could show the presentations even give you access to a limited demo.

or am i asking for too much?

Time_Is_On_My_Side3657d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

So far with these videos I haven't seen anyone interact yet so I'm hoping it will be an interactive experience as well. I can see this being really popular especially with big launch titles.

Shaka2K63656d ago

This is something different, gears of war 1.5 is more of the same boring stuff you played on the 1st MEH!