Should Nintendo Get Back Into Making Racing Games?

— Nintendo Enthusiast:

I recently reviewed Aqua Moto Racing Utopia for the Nintendo Switch; to put it simply, my experience wasn’t the best. I ended up giving it a 6/10 due to it feeling like a cheap imitation of Wave Race. As I played it, I just kept thinking: “It would be cool if Nintendo actually made another Wave Race instead of us just having this)”. That lead to the idea behind this article. There are a lot of sports/racing IPs that Nintendo hasn’t touched in years, so should they be brought back?

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Themba76330d ago

please nintendo for the life of me bring back f-zero.

FallenAngel1984330d ago

Nintendo hasn’t made a non Mario Kart racing game in forever

Sgt_Slaughter329d ago (Edited 329d ago )

Unfortunately Mario Kart sells so well compared to the other franchises. F-Zero for example, I think if you add up the three console games wouldn't even add up to MK8's total.

Having said that, if they made a new F-Zero or maybe finally released Donkey Kong Racing on the Switch, I think it'd do very well in the current market.

BlackWolf330d ago

F-Zero, Wave Race, Excitebike and 1080°... come one Nintendo!! Please give them another try!

Prince_TFK329d ago

There are rumors that a new (or re-release) 1080 is coming.

Belinker300329d ago

I thought Bandai Namco are developing Ridge Racer 8 as well as Metroid Prime 4

Belinker300329d ago

Haha someone is jealous of the switch's success and yes both title's I mentioned are confirmed.

Segata329d ago

Please port Cruis'n blast to Switch!