Secret of Mana Remake Review - Not The Remake People Hoped For | Sirus Gaming

David at Sirus: Starting up the game you’ll be greeted with a gorgeous HD version of the original game’s title screen, with roaring music that will make your heart swell with excitement. Secret of Mana has never looked and sounded this good. Succeeding is the opening cutscenes detailing the history of the world, which is beautifully drawn and is sure to bring tears to every Secret of Mana fan out there. Yes, Square Enix did deliver, but that can only be said for the first five minutes, as everything else to follow isn’t quite what we hoped for.

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chris235239d ago

right.totally regretting this purchase. i was blinded by nostalgia and should have minded all the red flags for this reheat.

Fist4achin239d ago

Youch! I picked this up as well and it will sit in my backlog for a bit. I'm really trying to approach it with an open mind, but there is a lot of negative backlash on this.

Maybe a combination of the support it did receive and the negativity will spur better remakes/remasters of these older titles.