Come Back To My Pad

Play-Mag writes: "I've always loved the PlayStation D-pad, but it's only just recently that I've realised exactly what's so good about it. I hadn't really used it for ages, what with most PS3 action games emphasising stick use, but then I went to Capcom to play Street Fighter IV. I tried to use a joystick, really I did, but after about an hour of clumsiness and frustration I finally gave up and requested a DualShock3.

So then I got to thinking about why the PlayStation D-pad is so good. Why's it so superior to the Xbox D-pad? And I think I figured it out."

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UltimateIdiot9113661d ago

I'm surprise there is a blog entry about what's good about the Playstation D-pad. I thought it was pretty obvious that by separating each direction as individual buttons and the dent in the middle was what made the D-pad so comfortable and easy to use.

akaFullMetal3661d ago

its really good, nothing better than that in my book for a dpad