TrackMania DS: November 21st

Good news, boys - TrackMania DS has finally had its release date confirmed. So sayeth this press release:

"TrackMania DS allows players to drive at mind-blowing speeds in hi-octane racers on incredible tracks made of jumps, loops, turbo boost pads and other crazy design features. Ascaron and 93 Games will release TrackMania DS on 21st November 2008, providing players with more than a hundred circuits to tear around, in three distinct single-player modes."

Darkzero are yet to get their hands on the game, but all evidence points towards this being a surprisingly faithful port of the excellent PC-based racing series - complete with the full track-editing tools and multiplayer modes - and while not all of the game's environments could be stuffed into a wee DS cartridge, the inclusion of the Rally, Desert and Stadium environments should provide plenty of variety, not least because Stadium is far and away the most popular of the lot.

It's about time the DS had a solid racer that isn't bloody Mario Kart.

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