Call of Duty WWII Resistance DLC surprisingly brings two remastered maps

It’s not a surprise that Call of Duty Devs are using gamers favourite maps several times. It even became some kind of a tradition that each DLC pack contains remastered location. And Resistance add-on to Call of Duty WWII is no exception here.
As it was announced mentioned expansion included two e maps plus remastered classic Resistance Map from Modern Warfare 3. Well, it turns out that yet another map seems to be a nice remake of Advanced Warfare Detroit location.
the only differences are obviously setting and mirrored layout. Let’s have a look on direct comparison and decide which one do you like better?

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lnfiniteLoop333d ago

brings greed from developers to another level...

bondsmx333d ago

Can’t believe I didn’t notice that before.

Jermeister333d ago

The article says remastered, I say recycled.

gtxgamer2333d ago

How is anyone surprised? All their dlc maps are mostly recycled........

icerob332d ago

takes a special kind of nerd to even notice.