Metal Gear Survive Review: As Good as the Phantom Pain [Gadgets 360]

Gadgets 360 says: "All in all, it's this hodgepodge mix of ideas that makes Metal Gear Survive a unique entry in the franchise, and perhaps its most divisive entry yet. Dyed-in-wool Metal Gear fans will find plenty of reasons to hate it, and who can blame them given the controversy surrounding Konami and Kojima, but for the rest of us, it’s an intriguing experiment worth considering."

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UKRsoldja236d ago

Waaaaaah. Cry me a river. Kojima was a hack.

Hungryalpaca236d ago

I’ll cry you a river if you drown yourself in it.

The_Sage235d ago

Time to go play more Call of Duty, UKRsoldja.

PaleMoonDeath235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

Says you lad, enjoy your inferior Metal Gear laddyyyy.

theshredded236d ago

expected 7 and 8s but people are just too naive to move on from the fiasco(look at metacritic) .Don't like it don't buy it. This is a decent game, not a bad one. What I wish though was if the online in MGSV was functional and just better at the start. I really want the series to move on in terms of single player I don't care if it's not as good as kojima, just star a different character and get some promising director, new talent and just make most of the cast be new characters. The MGS universe is a pretty big one and very expandable/adaptable. What would be smart is if they remaster the sh*t out of the games first and cash in as much as possible first then after put some risk. Just do something Konami, people want more metal gear but not multiplayer.

Hungryalpaca236d ago

If you thing poking things from behind fences for hours and feeding yourself every 5 minutes is a good game more power to you. Everyone seems to hate it for very valid reasons.

It’s not a good game.

It’s ugly, it’s clunky, the story sucks, the survival elements are FAR too intrusive and the game is just boring.

rainslacker235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

As good as TPP isn't exactly a glowing endorsement. TPP shined in game play alone. Ironically, the MP of TPP was pretty lackluster. Why play a 7-8 MP game when there are 9 and 10 MP games out there? The only answer can be because it's Metal Gear, and to me, franchise loyalty may not help this game since it's such a huge departure from anything that made Metal Gear what it was.

I wouldn't care if the series moved on or not. IMO, The story has been told, and it was growing long in the tooth. Maybe a new character instead of Snake to move it on. A new beginning of sorts. But ultimately, Konami just doesn't care about making games anymore, and I think that they wouldn't allow any new director to take the care that Kojima took with the games, because they gave him a lot of lattitude to work at his own speed. Konami now is about the quick cash in....hence this game....and not about creating epic masterpieces which drive innovative, rich, and interesting game play, put together in a solid form which shows the technical mastery of it's director.

TheOttomatic91235d ago

Welp this site needs to be blacklisted to hell now.