GSM: Nokia 6600 slide review

GSM Writes:

"To wrap it up, Nokia 6600 slide rounds off a nice little family get-together. It's a neat cross-section of the Nokia midrange from the basic comfort of the 3600 slide through the exquisite elegance of the 6600 flip. With some 6500 slide and classic in the distant background, Nokia 6600 slide is put right in the middle of a rich tale of family ties and heritage.

To begin with, 6600 slide tops the 3600 slide right where it counts: screen estate, 3G and looks. So, we guess, it's a point won for the 6600 slide.

The compact and suave slider is a good match for the outlandish charm of the 6600 fold. The 6600 pair does well to achieve cohesion and distinct identity but we can't help the thought that the specific targeting of the girly flip makes it a little bit more focused. Not to mention that it's a lot easier for the 6600 fold to get away with being overpriced.

So, we end up exactly where we were with the 6500 classic / 6500 slide duo. One is outspokenly driven by looks, the other tries to bring an extra dimension of skill but ends up harder to define and exposed to a lot more pressure."

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