Time to End the ‘Our Games are Rare Collectibles’ Thing

Leaning on collectors only works so long, as anyone with a pile of rare Beanie Babies can attest, and it’s time to ease up before the market decides it’s had enough.

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Eonjay1215d ago

Its time to end the 'Its Time to End' articles.

SickSinceSix1214d ago

As far as I'm aware, these games are still available digitally so what's the problem?

rainslacker1214d ago

I'd say that some of these are actually pretty rare. But rare does not mean that they aren't easily obtainable. Ultimately, what something is worth, is what someone will pay for it. There are plenty of these games which don't go up over their initial price, and some actually go down because past the initial demand, which is often from people just looking to scalp, there isn't enough there otherwise.