PcAdvisor: Nokia E71 review

PcAdvisor Writes:

"Many of the Nokia E71's applications, such as the Music Store and Push-to-Talk, are not available to American users. The inclusion of Nokia Maps 2.0 is a real gem, however. Turn-by-turn pedestrian and car navigation, voice guidance, satellite maps, and multimedia city guides are just a few of the features of Nokia Maps.

Unfortunately, the Nokia E71 comes at a steep price. You'll have to drop around £399 for it, so it is important to evaluate exactly what you want out of it. But overall, the Nokia E71 shines as a stylish device that does more than the average business phone."

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TheColbertinator3683d ago

The Nokia E70 line is really good.Best phones I have had in my entire life

Publicglutton3682d ago

Overall I would give the Nokia E71 a 5/5 , the camera could be better but everything else on the phone is so good that this has no relevance.
If the PC adviser reviewer Ginny Mies only gave it 4/5 because of the price she would be wrong , I purchased my E71 for £279.99 sim Free from and it is readily availiable for well under £300 from many online retailers.