Xbox One X Performance Is Great, But Doesn’t Compare to “Ninja PCs”- Ethan Carter Dev

The Xbox One X is the most powerful console ever made- Microsoft's overhauled Xbox One system beefs up its GPU and memory capacity substantially, while also iterating on its CPU functionality a bit. The end result of this is a system that can churn out some fairly substantially impressive visuals.

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corroios333d ago

Real title: xbox X performance is great for a console. The rest is clickbait

mcstorm332d ago

I find this kind of articles funny. Well all know PCs are more powerful they always have been and will be. I don't remember anything like this when the ps4 pro was announced or even the original one and ps4.

People need to give things like this a rest.

PCs are more powerful
Xbox one x is the most powerful home console you can buy at this moment in time and the ps4 pro is the most powerful vr comparable console you can buy at the moment.
The switch is the most powerful hybrid console you can buy at the moment.

This all there is to it.

kevnb333d ago

its similar to any other near launch console from sony or microsoft, the true weakness is that you cant upgrade.

zb1ftw777333d ago


The 360 and ps3 had near PC performance on release but not the one or pro.

kevnb333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

all those consoles did, the 360 actually destroyed most pcs when it came out. The pro is close to a 1060, the x is close to a 1070, the one is close to a 7850 and the ps4 a 7870 (not bad for 2013). The cpu holds things back, but remember on a console there is much less overhead on the cpu for gaming and if devs put in the time and publishers put in the money they can over come those limitations on consoles.

Kumakai333d ago

No sh*t. And a $12,000 Toyota Corolla runs great but isn’t as fast as a $65,000 bmw m3. That’s why things have different prices.

kevnb333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

the price difference is that large though, well it normally wouldnt be if there wasnt so many miners.

WilliamSheridan332d ago

So wait, it'll cost another 150$ or so to match the performance of X, and that's not a big price gap. But at the same time, X being 100$ more than the Pro and outperforming it is a huge gap and ridiculous?

Move the goal posts much?

kevnb332d ago

Did you read the original comment, it’s not 5-6 times more for a good pc.

rainslacker332d ago

I beg to differ. If you drop both off a cliff, their relative velocity will be roughly equal while in a vacuum, thus negating any price difference.:)

TheCommentator332d ago

Find me a cliff that exists in a vacuum though!

rainslacker331d ago

Cant expect me to do everything. Google it!!!!:)

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