Enjoy Call Of Duty: WW2 Online Free For A Limited Time

Activision has enabled free online play of Call of Duty: WW2 for a limited time. The move allows players to sample the popular aspect of the game prior to the pending DLC release for PC.

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Garethvk331d ago

No reason not to give it a try. Some of the modes are really fun. I enjoy Gridiron and Kill Confirmed.

Yodagamer331d ago

Enjoy prop hunt from time to time when it's available, makes me a bit if a nervous wreck, but it's a fun mode imo

NautilusXIII331d ago

keep forgetting that even if i filter news for just ps4 i get other consoles/pc as well -_-

g-nome330d ago

Fortnite BR taking all my time , sorry COD