Square-Go: Yakuza 2 review

Square-Go Writes:

"To keep gameplay fresh, side quests are offered to help break up the main chapters. Casual involvement helps to momentarily divert attention, allowing a break from the demanding series of plot turns. Although linearly based, some leeway is offered for open exploration in Tokyo and Osaka. The cities are bright and vibrant, but the PS2 hardware is inevitably showing its age with clumsy street crowds and sluggish fighting controls. Camera placement is automatic; expect more hindrance than help when you find yourself punching the air for five minutes, before staggering backwards into the iron fists of your pissed off opponent and resembling a particularly dodgy contestant in Strictly Come Dancing.

Look beyond the limitations though and you'll find the story-telling alone easily justifies the departure of your hard earned cash. Fans will love the striking resemblance to the original title, while curious gamers enjoy the gripping storytelling without feeling left out.

Sega have without a doubt pushed both game and console to the limit with spectacular vigour - a fitting celebration of Sony's decade old machine - and leave us reassured that Yakuza 3 will be nothing less than a high-def fistful of heart-stopping action."

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