Throwback Thursday - Our top 5 couch co-op games

Having chatted to a lot of game developers lately, FULLSYNC have found there are a large number of them currently creating split-screen games because they feel AAA studios have abandoned couch co-op games. So, FULL SYNC decided to take a look at some of their favourites from over the years.

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brianunfried240d ago

The Earth Defense Force series is my favorite couch co-op, can't wait for the new ones coming out.

JoshFullSyncGaming240d ago

We'll have to keep an eye out for them, hard to find good couch co-op games today. It's a shame that many big game devs have dropped this feature because of online gameplay.

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Anon1974240d ago

I find the lack of couch co-op games frustrating. Had a blast playing games like Baldur's Gate DA I and II, and Champions of Norrath. And Loaded and Reloaded. :) My team is working on a 90's style couch co-op game right now for the PS4 and PC which we'll have out next year. Supernatural WWII co-op.

JoshFullSyncGaming240d ago

Some amazing memories playing Reloaded. And your game sounds good. We'd love to hear more about the game if you want to drop an email to [email protected]

SSmoke240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

i remember playing Gauntlet, Ivan Stewart's off road racing and Future cop LAPD with my dad when i lived at home.. good times!

JoshFullSyncGaming240d ago

Future Cop LAPD. What a game! That was actually on our list of classic PlayStation games we'd love to see a remake of

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