Gameshark: LEGO Batman Review

Gameshark Writes:

"Since the title is definitely family-friendly, the developer was wise to include an "adaptive difficulty" setting that keeps frustration levels to an absolute minimum. Since the action is frantic, with tons of enemy figures firing away at any given moment (including times when you're still figuring out the rather simple puzzles) and the boss fights are plentiful, the adaptive difficulty keeps the penalty for dying pretty low. Players only lose a few studs for a cheap death, allowing you to get right back to the action. Lord knows how many TVs will be saved from Wii-mote flinging disaster thanks to this feature.

If there's a downside to the game, it's the "been there, done that" vibe. If you've played a recent title in the series, you've pretty much played this before. Batman does mix things up with the villains and the power-up system, but it's still a simple brawler-platformer at heart. And like the other games, there are still some control glitches at times – sometimes Batman punches Robin when you wanted him to start working on the goon right behind him. As fun as punching Robin can be, this is a major frustration."

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