Neocrisis: New PS3 Commercial

Neocrisis: Commercial for Sony's new Bluetooth Headset, $49.99, can be Bundled with SOCOM: Confrontation for $59.99. Game bundle will be released later this year and will offer voice chat in HQ.

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theKiller3683d ago

its better than the 360 headsets

Kleptic3683d ago

that is old...but i still must say i don't know about confrontation...its a major franchise with a ton of fans...but that game looks extremely average from what I have seen so far, especially visually...whats with the insanely dumb pop move from shadows to light and the characters just pop from dark to bright, instead of real dynamic lighting like CoD 4 or even better...MGS4/MGO...its not like it can't be done online...

oh well..I guess that is just one reason its not a full priced title...but reading the forums for the game, it doesn't appear to be having people really excited...unlike Killzone 2...

Pennywise3683d ago

SOCOM is a very good game. It does not surprise me one bit you are not impressed. I am sure if it was stamped with a 360 logo, you would love it.

This game looks great and after the patches in the BETA it is ready for final release. This game is about teamwork and playing with friends. I think it succeeds on both levels. This game will have as much of a following as previous socoms... plus plenty of new players.