Latest Spyro trailer doesn't suck…seriously takes on the latest Spyro trailer.

From the article: "There are a ton of games coming out this holiday season. I would like to thank the gaming industry for its tremendous consideration of my financial health. As a result of your blood, sweat and tears, my bank account is going to plummet just in time for the Christmas shopping rush. Thanks a lot."

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resistance0223661d ago

i have not played spyro since ps1 but im thinking of picking this up or getting it for christmas... can someone pls tell me if the leopard thats all wise is Hunter??? cuz if he is he used to be an idiot lol

rogimusprime3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

is that this game could turn out to be the dragon experience LAIR was trying to be - or at least get better reviews. hahahaha

Milky3661d ago


crazy250003661d ago

The game was really fun so if this is similar and has a good story, then I will definitely play it.

MvmntInGrn3661d ago

Oh the PS1 memories! It looks ok, different from the PS1 games but maybe I'll rent it for fun. Spyro was my first PS game.

micro_invader3661d ago

I used to love the Spyro games on the ps1. This one tough, doesn't look that great, graphically. I know it's not meant to be realistic but it's not really artistic either.

Also, I think it's trying to be more epic than it actually is.

xionpunk3661d ago

I feel super lame for saying this but i kinda miss spyro. I played the first two when they were originally released back on the ps1. At the time, spyro and crash bandicoot were my favorite games. But then metal gear came along...

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