Treyarch Botches Beta Invites reports on the huge problems with Treyarch's Beta for Call of Duty: World at War.

From the article: "Much to the shagrin of most of the eager Call of Duty fanboys, Treyarch was having all kinds of problems with their Beta. It wasn't lag, matchmaking, crashes or anything like that. Nope. They were having the kinds of problems that they just shouldn't have…

Their system for giving out invites is broken, leaving many long standing members that were promised Beta invites on day one, out in the cold. All the details, after the jump."

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blakstarz3660d ago

See what happens when you leave PS3 owners out of the loop...LOL!

outlawlife3660d ago

got mine from some site out on the interweb, the game isn't as good as cod4 from what i can tell from the half hour i've played

JSA-Gamer3660d ago

Shoot... A WHOLE half hour? You obviously got everything out of the game. Mind as well give up.