Monster Hunter: World Is the Breakout Hit that Capcom Desperately Needed

Attack of the Fanboy writes: Monster Hunter: World continues to beat even the most optimistic expectations, giving Capcom first real breakout hit in a generation marked by the poor performance of most of its classic brands.

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FallenAngel1984291d ago

I wish Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite could’ve also been a breakout, seeing as it’s an installment in the Vs. series that celebrates Capcom’s history.

It’s really a shame that such a title that Capcom should’ve held with such sentimental value was turned into a cash grab. They’ve shown with Resident Evil VII, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition & Monster Hunter: World that they’re really capable of producing great hits when they’re not bumbling around, but they couldn’t give as much attention to Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite which turned out to be such a cash grab in the grand scheme of things.

Servbot41291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

Monster Hunter would have been a breakout hit in the West sooner if it didn't get stuck on garbage handhelds and the Wii. I've played every single installment except two, including Japanese-only releases and its great to finally play this with a real controller on an actual console.

SuperSonic91291d ago

The lesson is what's born on PlayStation Nation should remain with PlayStation Nation for maximum appreciation.