Warframe - Tenno Reasons You Should Be Playing

The online multiplayer shooter set in an expansive sci-fi universe, Warframe, has been around for a few years now. And there's no better time to jump in. As a free-to-play game it offers an almost embarrassment of gameplay riches. Especially for anyone who's after deep and rewarding action-RPG set in an expansive and detailed sci-fi world.

And so we bring you 10 reasons that you should be playing.

* - Tenno, are the race of ancient warriors and who you are in Warframe. Also, Tenno is a play on the number 10. Which is one less than 11. Reasons to play Warframe that is.

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KwietStorm236d ago

Do it. Stop reading. Start playing right now.

Mutant-Spud236d ago

Oh how I've tried to like Warframe, for me there is just something off about the game.

KwietStorm236d ago

I know it's harder for some new players to get into it, especially since the game has evolved so much over the years, and I don't know how much you've played it, but I know a good amount of people put it down before giving themselves a chance to "get it." There's a lot to take on all at once. But it's free, so nobody is losing anything by trying it.

Elwenil236d ago

It's also wearing a bit thin on a lot of veteran players. Once you get all the frames, and have ranked everything up, there really isn't any "endgame" and all you do is log in for the daily and wait for some new weapons to drop to rank up for mastery rank. These days with them pushing the Plains so much and the grind level going from stupid to insane, I find that I really just can't get excited about playing Warframe that much unless a bunch of friends are playing.

Mutant-Spud236d ago

@ KwietStorm I've put about 40 hours into Warframe, leveled up the first frame and a couple of guns. You are right that it's convoluted but so are a lot of games, thinking about it some more it's probably that I never felt like I was progressing, everything seemed like a sideways move at best. There's also no incentive to go on that tedious grind given that the Warframes and other microtransactions are not that expensive, relative to something like World Of Tanks that is.

Teflon02236d ago

Dev's lied to me personally, so I've never played the game again. When they added trophy support it had some trophies for getting level 30 with things etc. I got a weapon of every type to 30 before that, played more hours than required and basically fulfilled the whole trophy list. Basically had to just do things over or get almost no trophies for the game. I asked them why they can't retroactively unlock if the game statistics literally tell you that you've completed it all already. Would have been fine if they said they wasn't programmed in a way that it would be possible. Instead of being honest, they said, blame Sony, the trophy system doesn't work retroactively. But I've literally wiped my Vita in the past put my account on without syncing trophies, started up Ragnar ok Odyssey or maybe it was Ace and the WHOLE trophy list and plat reunlocked over the course of like 2 minutes. Same will happen with sly cooper 4.not too many games. But my point is, it's called building a game around convenient systems. If you didn't that's fine, it was a pc game originally after all, but don't throw blame on others. I told them that and that they'd never see me on again. Never did lol. Game wasn't that good either way. I just had no games on ps4 launch because the money went into the console it self. So I played that and black light for 2 weeks lol

ZaWarudo236d ago

Warframe is the best F2P game i've ever played by a looooong shot. Almost 700 hours and i can't stop.

Freeball235d ago

Started a few months ago and can't stop playing. It takes some getting used to, but if/when it clicks for u, it's addictive. Had trouble getting used to mods being the way to "level" up rather than, you know, leveling up, but it's working for me now