'World Of Warcraft' Game Director Working On New MMO, Hints At Console Game

It's no secret that Blizzard is working on a "next-gen MMO," as evidenced by job listings on their website.

But during BlizzCon this past weekend, "World of Warcraft" game director Jeffrey Kaplan confirmed to MTV Multiplayer that he's "definitely involved" in the project.

"I think the great part about a new MMO from Blizzard is that it doesn't have to be 'WoW'," he said. "There are a lot of lessons we learned in making 'World of Warcraft,' and some of those you can take and apply to an expansion and fix problems or do things better than you ever did before."

MTV Multiplayer also asked if he was concerned about the new MMO potentially cannibalizing "WoW" subscribers. Kaplan said he wasn't worried at all, and that the company was going to great lengths to make sure that the new game doesn't directly cannibalize "WoW."

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Montrealien3658d ago

Diablo on consoles with online co-op would be something else, but I would be interested in a new Blizz mmo for sure, on consoles or not.

IaMs123658d ago

ya me too, i hope its that Starcraft one i heard rumors about... be so awesome and depends on the route they take if they want it FPS (since its starcraft) they can make it great for consoles...TPS either or... what would be awesome is if they released it for 360/PC/and PS3 and ALL 3 systems can play together at the sametime same server so no matter what console you buy it for you can play it