The Wii is Art

The Wii has become a fine wine that is left to age. It has become more of a statement than a next-gen console, and with a constant state of demand its customer satisfaction will never suffer, no matter how useless the system.

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taz80803684d ago

The sentiment in the article is shared by many but I think the different view of the Wii as an actual piece of art which serves no other purpose is interesting.

drunkpandas3684d ago

Yeah, most people that aren't really into gaming are buying the Wii for the same reasons they buy a new brand name piece of clothing or accessory. It's a social status item that you want to have in your living room to show people when they come over.

I have to say that I've actually been using my Wii a lot more lately, which is really the first time I've given the console a good amount of play time. There's finally some games that I think are worth playing on a regular basis for the system

johover1123684d ago

The Wii an art......yea better to name it that than a crappy system.

-GametimeUK-3684d ago

how is it a crappy system?

Sorry but a system that has give us one of the most epic games of the past decade can not be "that" crap... It got a bunch of people to try new things and brought the family together... Doesnt sound crap to me... It also has some of the most artisc and beautiful games this gen... again this would make it a good system...

Sure I dont like my wii much... but im not blind enough to call it crap when it oviously appeals to a whole other audience...

johover1123682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

i was a wii owner when it was released. before the system was released, the video when they announced the system was release (it can still be found) and they goes on talking about the "amazing" graphics, which was bullcrap. and then they released pictures of splinter cell which looked great but then the pictures were fake ( and it sucks because i brought the system and that exact game. HUGE DISSAPOINTMENT! then i brought Zelda which was a great game, but then i played the gamecube version and saw that it was the same exact crap. the only game i love is No More Heroes but other than that, i would stick with what i said earlier "wii is a crappy system". they saying its a family system because it cannot be anything else, sucks that some wii games have less graphics then ps2.

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drunkpandas3684d ago

I think Nintendo fanboys might try to argue against this, but the fact is that there has been very little in terms of decent, solid games on the market for many people to play on a regular basis

fiercescuba3684d ago

No one can deny that the console is a cash machine. Its hard to argue that it has the library of games to last longer than a few years.

drunkpandas3684d ago

Oh it definitely prints money. I think now that demand has died down a bit, we'll start seeing more games take advantage of the system

ChickeyCantor3684d ago

" No one can deny that the console is a cash machine"
Holy crap if i see such claim one more time im gonna explode.

WTF are you stupid? something fell on your head when you were little?
Dude every company including Sony and MS are trying to cash in as much as possible. They whish they had such a profit rate with every console sold.

Saying otherwise is just naive.

Zerodin3684d ago

Demand dying down?

razorbladelight3684d ago

but I am, but I am trying to be unbias here (as much as possible). According to people on this site, demand for the wii has been dropping since november of last year. Monthly, that comment arises and has gotten tiresome. It has become a cliche on this site such as "20xx is the year of the PS3" and "Wii is dead by 20xx."
Secondly, why would an article like this be published and then allowed on this site?
Finally, the library is decent. Amongst all the crap and shovelware you will find at least 15 games. If you are a real gamer in college or in high school, if you are able to afford more than 15 games (accounting that you buy them when they first come out) at 50 bucks a pop that 750 in three years. As a college student with a job, fifteen games thus far is hard enough to afford, but they are there. So where again is the lack of gaming? On this site I have read people listing their favorite games for x-box and 360 and most of them are top 20 games. do you really need more than 20 games, or can you really afford more than that per year? If so, man you need another hobby as well.

ChickeyCantor3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

"20xx is the year of"

Stolen right of a Megaman intro! XD

But its true, its something i never understood.
People say that PS3 and 360 have Lots of games, yet non of them got all of those games. They say Wii has no games, yet they know little about the library.

piew piew.

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fiercescuba3684d ago

I have been playing the Wii non stop since I got Tiger woods. I am waiting the addition of the Motion Plus to see if it improves

drunkpandas3684d ago

Yeah, Tiger Woods has done it for me too. It just works so well. I think games like The Conduit will also give a lot to the Wii. Also looking forward to MySims Kingdom and Animal Crossing

Product3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

Unfortunately yet another article full of opinionated rant.

Although saying that i will admit the wii on occassion does have droughts with games.....but just like Ricky Bobby said things are starting to turn around and your starting to see that with third party support.

Yea i have Tiger Woods and must say even though its not 1:1 its a very fun game which is way more challenging then other versions which i like.Motion Plus better bring great tennis titles though Top Spin was horrible and it will only bring perfection to Tiger Woods.

fiercescuba3684d ago

@ Product:

Since when did opinionated rants become new to n4g? I would rather read something of this nature than another PS3 vs Xbox 360 fanboy flame fest or some rumor someone made up to get hits.

Product3684d ago

good call i really think the devs are starting to put more effort in their games......and with the Motion plus next year i think that will really give the wii the push it needs to make better games for the core players.
Just think this is only the second year.

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