Lost Sphear Review – Lost In Nostalgia I The Koalition

Jakejames Lugo of The Koalition writes: While many people are busy playing new and shiny JRPGs, a small selection of gamers enjoy diving into retro-inspired titles with a heavy emphasis on nostalgia. Enter Tokyo RPG Factory, the developers of I Am Setsuna under Square Enix, with their newest role-playing game called Lost Sphear. Taking influence from many iconic games in the genre such as Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV, Lost Sphear has a story and gameplay that would’ve felt right at home during the SNES era of Japanese role-playing classics. But while the nostalgia is abundant throughout most of Lost Sphear’s nearly 30+ hour experience, its dependence on it overshadows everything else.


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rbailey332d ago

The demo for this game seemed somewhat promising but the final product proved to be quite disappointing.