Dissidia Final Fantasy NT showing weak punch sales-wise

Square Enix: "Initial sales have not reached the level we had first expected".

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FallenAngel1984333d ago

See what happens when you don’t put in more villains

Nerdmaster332d ago

Street Fighter V started its life focused on online multiplayer with almost no single player content. It was universally panned. It took a hefty arcade mode for sales and reviews to increase.

Dissidia NT took a series known for its lengthy and complex single player modes and decided to ditch all that to focus on online multiplayer. So I don't think the low sales are a surprise. Let's just see if Square will have to same common sense as Capcom and release an update that includes some decent single player modes.

juniorpop332d ago

I dunno why anybody is surprised at all - the previous dissidia games was all about the 1v1 battles, the customizations and great modes available, not this 3v3 mess we never asked for

bigmalky332d ago

This is what happens when you go down the online focused path these days. Gamers are getting bored of too many multiplayer games... Especially when said games don't have extensive single player content. Most people play one or two online games at a time and play single player the rest.

With PUBG, Fortnite, Overwatch, CoD, Monster Hunter and so on, you have more competition. Just look at Lawbreakers... Failed because of the competition.

If DFFNT had stuck with it's roots, more fans and probably others would have picked it up. I'm a FF fan, but I just feel the IP has slipped so far from it's initial foundation that I no longer have faith in SE to deliver an immersive, long lasting experience anymore.

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