The Last of Us Part II Director: Next Naughty Dog Game "Might Not Be Third-Person"

The Last of Us Part II Creative Director Neil Druckmann talks about possibilities for Naughty Dog's next games, and a third-person perspective is not set in stone.

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Nitrowolf2331d ago

It'll be interesting what they do next here's hoping they do Savage Starlight, I would love to see another sci-fi game from them( if you count Jak and Daxter)

330d ago
Obscure_Observer330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

A Savage Starlight Fps game? O.o

330d ago
AspiringProGenji331d ago

Game hasn’t started development and Naughty Doge already has my money

subtenko330d ago

These people are the new Valve, but they are willing to break record numbers <- see what I did there

starchild330d ago

I don't see it either. What do you mean?

ONESHOTV2329d ago

new valve ??? lol not even close

subtenko329d ago

User @IHassounah is the only one who got it.... NaughtyDog does go make a 4th game sometimes ie Uncharted 4

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strayanalog331d ago

A PS5 launch title most likely, if not coming in at the last moment of the current generation.
I am sure whatever they do it will be interesting, and most likely third-person, but given Sony's push on VR I wouldn't rule it out either.

AspiringProGenji331d ago

Naughty Doge only develop games for consoles. That’s why you never saw a ND game on PSP or Vita.

Obscure_Observer330d ago


You´re probably right. But it´s not a rule set in stone.

rpvenom330d ago

uncharted golden abyss was for psp..

DialgaMarine330d ago

@rpvenom Golden Abyss was developed by Bend Studios

AspiringProGenji330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

I think ot actually is. I remember one interview where they say they only develop games for consoles and not any other kind of devices like portable

ColonelHugh330d ago

Golden Abyss was not PSP, it was Vita. Also what Dialga said

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The_Sage330d ago

@ rpvenom... Golden Abyss was not done by Naughty Dog.

_-EDMIX-_330d ago


I think this brings up a very pressing issue on the Gaming Community that they are many gamers that literally don't even know who makes their games. This is something that's more prevalent in this community than other mediums. Seriously if you look it up you'll have Gamers that are angry at Publishers for something a developer does or angry at the release of a remaster ignoring that the original team doesn't often even work on those not even knowing outright who's really making the version of a game they're playing.

So it makes you question how uneducated is the typical gamer regarding their own medium?

rpvenom329d ago

my bad, my assumptions get the better of me as usual lol

stefan_771330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

It will release well into next gen

FallenAngel1984331d ago

Don’t even joke about that Naughty Dog

Eonjay330d ago

Exactly, I would love to see what they can do in First Person... or hell maybe they have a completely new person we have never seen lol.

madforaday330d ago

I always feel third person is more immersive, weird but true for me. If you are telling a story, I like to see the character who is actually part of the story. There are a few first person games that the character we controlled grabbed me. I can't imagine Uncharted being in First person. That view would totally ruin the whole immersion for me. Of course, it is a small thing but when a developer WANTS to tell a story, I like to actually know what the main character looks like. I like to see them, and in first person, it also feels robotic compared to third person. I am playing Wolfenstein and that game is so robotic compared to other games.

Obscure_Observer330d ago


"or hell maybe they have a completely new person we have never seen lol."

I agree. XD

Obscure_Observer330d ago


That´s depends on the genre of the game. I agree with you when comes to story driven games. That said, i would rather play a survival horror by Naughty Dog fps than third person any day. For this kind of games, fps is far more realistic and terrifying. P.T. comes to mind. O.o

BeOpenMinded329d ago

I feel kingdom come suffers from not having a 3rd person but it isn't a deal breaker but I understand. I have a friend who won't play KCD because of no 3rd view..

NapalmSanctuary329d ago

"For this kind of games, fps is far more realistic and terrifying. P.T. comes to mind. O.o"

The irony here being that Silent Hills was going to be a third person game, and with good reason. There isn't a horror game in existence that is as immersive as Silent Hill 2.

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marloc_x330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

It will be easier to access the loot boxes this way..

ONESHOTV2329d ago

so you want the same stale third-person action games with stealth over and over again ??? come on the need to innovate and not stagnate

Travis3708331d ago

I would be totally down for whatever they make. Wouldn't mind a platformer from them like the old days.