Zachary Levi on voicing Flynn in Kingdom Hearts 3: "No one has asked me"

Replying to a fan on twitter, Zachary Levi, the man behind the voice of Flynn Rider / Eugene Fitzherbert in various Tangled media, has confirmed that he has not been asked to record for the character in Kingdom Hearts 3.

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Snookies12239d ago

I mean, we still have time until the game releases. Would be weird if they didn't at least try to get original voice actors, especially for a game as big as KH3.

NecrumOddBoy239d ago

RIP Robin Williams (Genie, although Dan C voices him) and Jim Varney (OG Slinky Dog)

FallenAngel1984239d ago

This already happened with Sark, The MCP, Genie, Mushu, Phil, almost cast of Lion King, the entire case of Pirates of the Carribean.

Not to mention that this also happens with a lot of Final Fantasy characters, original characters, and Rhyme in the KH series

Snookies12239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

I get that they didn't have original voice actors for some characters in previous games. I just mean with this being the big finale of the Kingdom Hearts series (up til now with the Xehanort saga.) You'd think they'd try to go all out with stuff like that, is all I'm saying.

FallenAngel1984239d ago

Circumstances will always arise where the original actor won’t resprise their role.

KH3 isn’t the big finale for the series, only for the Dark Seeker Saga. The franchise will continue after this game.

DONTB238d ago

Yeah, I can't imagine square paying Johnny Depp a million dollars to reprise his role in a small part of a bigger game. It doesn't surprise me that there wasn't and won't be original VOs reprising their roles.

ikkokucrisis238d ago (Edited 238d ago )

They probably handle it more like an Anime dubbing project. Lower budget, so they try to get one guy who can do 90% of the male voices.

InKnight7s238d ago

Slow down boy Kh is great game and introduced Acrion RPG very well but it ain't that big, as example Disney doesn't consider it a real big thing yet, you can see that from Disneyland there is almost (Zero) mention about KH, even in stores. Hate me as you wish for this statement but real life speaks and sales aprove that. Its SE fault for over using ps2 models + toooooons of spins off, remixes, remasters and remakes.

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mastershredder238d ago

Asked? What?, he does not have through casting anymore like everyone else in the industry? He knows full well why. It's a Billshi7 answer to something he and his agent/s did not pursue likely due to conflicts, being booked for something else or it not paying enough to consider. That's how it works.

Even the followup tells you this. And it's a news article as if it's some mystery or controversial topic.

rainslacker238d ago

Generally, that'd be the case for new roles, but recurring roles, they'll often be asked if the publisher cares. But yeah, his agent would have been contacted by a casting director in that case, or his agent could have contacted the casting director. Likely, they just didn't ask him to reprise the role, and given that this game probably has it's voice cast already finalized, it means he won't do the part. Not that it's that big of a deal. Recasts happen all the time, and while it can be a bit jarring at first, people get used to it. I think Sora was recast for one of the spin off games for the remaster..

TheOttomatic91238d ago

Wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t it’s cheaper to get regular VAs to do the job

bigmalky238d ago

Why would a game developer pay an extra fortune for actual actor wage demands, than pay for decent voice actors for a fraction of the price?

It would be cool, but we all know some actors wouldn't get out of bed for less than their usual whack of cash.

Maybe ask them first, and if they get arsey about the pay, get a VA, but otherwise its just logic.

rainslacker238d ago

Sometimes more successful actors still voice act and get paid normal VA rates for what amounts to a relatively short and easy job. You'd be surprised how many decently paid actors do cheap cartoons....particularly kids shows...which is where most voice acting is. Big name overpaid actors don't often work cheap though.

Anime and game though tend to share a somewhat insular group of people from what I've been told. You get newcomers of course, but they often just become part of the same group, usually based on regions around where these things get recorded...which is LA, New York, and Wilmington.