(Spoilers) Gears Of War 2: Campaign Details

Gears of War 2 is perhaps the biggest titles Microsoft has to offer on its console this season and like numerous other games (Fallout 3 and Saints Row 2) its been leaked, as COGS all around are busy witnessing the massive scale of the game, we offer not the game plot, but a few details about the campaign experience that are bound for this hellish sequel.

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Shadow Man3752d ago

Please don't post or send Spoilers to my PM inbox. I'm begging you Ill be a good BOT.

trancefreak3752d ago

great but short but the break down of the game was sweet.

fufotrufo3752d ago

ohh need bubbles huh? why don't you log in any of your other accounts a bubble up yourself

281219863753d ago

A lot of Playtime, higher than the original Gears atleast

Nice3753d ago

depends on what kind of shooter you are into...I personally liked BioShock way more than Halo...I like my single player campaigns to be deep...

dragunrising3752d ago

I don't remember the story being about Bioshock or Halo...just saying. Also, Bioshock is a single player game only. Carry on...

On topic: Good to know the campaign is at least 10 hours. Could tack on a few hours extra on the harder difficulties. I am very much looking forward to GeOW2.

Question for anyone that reads this: Is the gold lancer available for pre-order from Gamestop worth it? I don't want to look like a tool when I jump into multiplayer for the first time...Anyone else pre-order for the gold lancer?

Nice3753d ago

my chainsaws against Skorge...Grr that beast shall be delicious to slaughter...

pompeymassive3752d ago

Gears is the 1 reason why I would buy a 360 but Im just too worried that it will break. All of my friends have. Very worrying but Id love too play Gears.

b00mFargl33752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

the 360 has come along way. Just as the ps2 did when it first came out. They have decreased the size in the cpu's as well as the gpu's which reduce heat and reducing the risk of the rrod substantially. New 360's are just fine. Go ahead and pick it up unless you wanna wait 6 years for killzone 2 to release.

morganfell3751d ago

My HALO Edition was bought new and a year later it RROD'ed this past weekend. Don't be so sure.

10 hours is too little if the design is as linear as the first game. Compared to similar games that have two campaigns in them that is pretty slim in the meat department.

GiantEnemyCrab3752d ago

No way I'm gonna read that and spoil this game.

Tacki3752d ago

Well, I'm not telling you that you SHOULD check it out... but there's really no real spoilers. All they tell you is the name of the acts and the chapters within them. Those don't really give away much of anything either.

Honestly, I don't see how these details could ruin it for anyone. If you still prefer to avoid, I understand... but there's nothing to really worry about in my opinion. And I'm getting the game as well so I wouldn't want any spoilers either.

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