Unless There's Change, "Games As A Service" May Destroy The Future Of Video Games.

Andrew from Xbox Enthusiast takes a look at "Games As A Service" and discusses why they're popular and how unless there are some changes to the format, "Games As A Service" can have a terrible effect on the future of video games as a whole.

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TheGuitarist241d ago

I worry that "Games As A Service" is just code for publishers trying to screw gamers out of as much money as possible. Until I find one that really interests me and doesn't try to rob me at every opportunity, I'm giving them a wide berth.
I really want Anthem to be great but I have zero faith/trust in EA.

Septic240d ago

Destroy the future of videogames though? Hyperbole

fiveby9240d ago

I am not optimistic about GaaS. It promotes releasing games in piecemeal fashion riddled with bugs. There is no incentive for the publishers to have their dev teams release quality on a release day anymore. If you're already paying for a subscription or you have to purchase MT's to have a complete game then this is a major step back. GaaS also means that publishers can 'tweak' the balance of the game continuously to incent players to purchase even more MT's. There is no definitive line in the sand for game balance as the publisher can make changes to suit their needs not the players. It's an environment ripe for abuse. Which "...May Destroy The Future Of Video Games".

Cobra951240d ago

As long as there are alternatives, GaaS (aka "Live Services" now) won't destroy all of gaming, but it might raze the AAA landscape, leaving no traditional SP games done up on a grand scale.

Obscure_Observer240d ago


"Destroy the future of videogames though? Hyperbole"

Totally agree. Everybody which disagrees with you comment will soon turn a blind eye to MTs and GaaS the minute the next Halo or The last of Us be released! They will buy those games Day One showing their support to the so called GaaS Industry Business. Pure Hypocrisy.

Razzer240d ago

“Everybody which disagrees with you comment will soon turn a blind eye to MTs and GaaS...”

Everybody? Talk about hyperbole! lol

rainslacker240d ago

Very much so. For all the shifts and slippery slopes which would destroy gaming we've seen since last gen, we still see plenty of games that fall into more traditional style releases. I don't think we see as many big hyped AAA non-GaaS style games as we did last gen, but they're still around, and quite a few of them have been doing pretty well this gen.

Christopher240d ago

It is hyperbolic, but in this day and age people tend to only start caring about something until it reaches dire levels of value. I'm not sure how we get people interested in this stuff as a mass market element other than continuing to rely on people calling out every instance of it, which currently doesn't happen right now (FIFA is fine, but SWBF2 is not?).

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Mystogan90240d ago

I like "Games as a Product", make it good, support it for a year or so and move on to the next one.

240d ago
TheCommentator240d ago

GaaS is a way of combatting the rising costs of developing games with cutting edge graphics. It's evolved because games like COD and GTA online are successful. If it's done right, like Halo 5 and SoT, then it makes the game better for all players and not just the ones that buy stuff.

P2W games otoh, can just crawl in a hole and die. Really though, it's a fine line devs have to walk in order to keep GaaS from being something that takes advantage of consumers.

Tross240d ago

Stop buying all the stupid arguments EA makes. If games were so expensive to make how did they survive before MTs and GaaS? Besides, we still see great games like last year's Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Guerrilla never went on record to complain that they can't make up development costs without trying to screw over their audience.

This argument that games are getting too expensive to make has only been made by a select few AAA devs and publishers, and only in the last year. That has to tell you something. Aside from the Switch, devs are working with existing hardware. Sure, they have a couple mid-gen upgrades to play with but it would take nowhere near the resources it would to invest in a dev kit for a brand new system.

If I had to hazard a guess, if EA truly believes what they're saying they most likely have some extraneous costs they can cut. They're either lying to us, or they don't realize they're actually bad with budgeting. I have a hard time believing that even the top AAA devs and publishers are using absolutely every penny effectively, so there's always room for improvement. In EA's case they probably don't see things that way, but it doesn't make it any less probable.

rainslacker240d ago

GaaS is a consumer friendly term for what we've had since last gen with MT riddled games that get support after release. Not all GaaS games are bad....for instance many MMO's do well, or F2P games that get copious support through MT, and things of that nature. Unfortunately though, GaaS models are being applied to full priced games, and there is really no standard on what kind of service you'll get out of the game over the long term.

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Nyxus241d ago

I prefer Games as a Game.

AspiringProGenji241d ago

You want to play a game? You madman! There’s no sense of pride and accomplishment with playing Game as a Game.

SolidGamerX240d ago

Not me I prefer to pay for things in some games and complain about it in others.

Jakens237d ago

I pay for the microtractions in The Crew and also back in Forza 6.

DivineAssault 241d ago

The only way it can change is when people stop dumping all that money into digital goods.. I dont see it ever happening but one can hope

rlow1241d ago

I think that games as a service is okay as long as the content is their. Not just some new maps but adding depth. to many games throw out to little and it feels like a rip. it's a nickel and dime operation were they throw out just enough scraps, but never a steak. Vote with your money.

rainslacker240d ago

GaaS is such an all encompassing term, that the idea of it has become bastardized so a lot of people just see it as MT riddled filth. But GaaS also includes MMO's, F2P games, regular games that just get support after release to varying degrees, etc. For the most part GaaS can be applied to any game that gets support, features, or content added over time. Sometimes those things are funded by secondary, or primary revenue streams like MT, other times they're just there because that's what the developer does. The latter is less common nowadays.

Silkside240d ago

Thanks Microsoft, for the player... Ohhhh wait.

Tobse240d ago

GAAS has been a thing on PC for decades

Prince_TFK240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

Really? So this is why companies like EA, Ubisoft, and Activision are well-loved because they wouldn’t dare to do what MS does.

...oh wait.

TheCommentator240d ago

MS = free BC
Sony = PS Now or re-release

Your games, that you owned last generation, just got served...
...because Sony sells Consoles as a Service.

sbprost240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

While BC is a nice feature, definitely, shouldn't the focus be on making the current iteration of games better rather than relying on dated games to sell a console? I'm not big on rebuying content I already own, but its hardly an issue now that we are 4 1/2 years into this generation and I don't have as much of a need for my older games. I'd also point out that due to the fact that Sony has done well with releasing Games as Games; e.g. NieR, Persona, HZD, Infamous, Bloodborne, and many others, I haven't felt much of a desire to return to the older games in my library. I'm aware not all agree with that sentiment, but I have been fairly happy with this generation of games.

TheCommentator240d ago

Shouldn't the games you own be able to come with you when a new generation starts? When you get a new iPhone, do you have to buy all your iTunes over again? Would you defend that too?

Maybe I should have called Sony's approach Games as a Disservice instead, because it's not benefitting any gamer when Sony rereleases the popular old games because yours simply can't play on a PS4. It'll be rinse-repeat come PS5 too, where you can buy the re-rereleases, lol.

But hey, if you really don't care about playing older games, then you can always subscribe to Game Pass!

aconnellan240d ago

Yeah, cause Microsoft invented the MMO genre, the granddaddy of ‘games as a service’, right?

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