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On the surface, LittleBigPlanet is all about jumping and stickers and rainbows and ponies and having a good time with friends. But if you delve deeper and look past the infectiously approachable presentation, there's something far more curious at play. LittleBigPlanet is actually all about the fundamentals of cause and effect relationships; man in his environment and how we relate to the world around us. Anyone at all familiar with programming will see this as the classic 'IF/THEN' structure of coding, too. IF you drop the rubber ball, THEN it bounces. IF you push the ball down the ramp, THEN it rolls with increasing momentum.

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HighDefinition3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )


9.5 I can accept, this is stupid.

Edit: World of Goo (for Wii) got a 9.5

My point, when you compare game like LBP to ANYTHING else that got a 9.2, you`ll see my point.

sackboy says hi3660d ago

sackboy says no need to feel that way, a 9 and above is what i deserve. it is when i get an 8 that u can feel that way...

sackboy says cheer up..... :)

Fishy Fingers3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Ahh review scores have become almost worthless. 10s being given to games left right and centre. It's far to OTT, problem is once one has been dished out they must continue.

8-9 seem to be regarded as mediocre scores now, that's ridiculous. 9.2 is a fabulous score, one that's believable as no game is really perfect.

Read the write up, the guy seems to love the game, that's more important than any mark out of X. But then reading the review involves, well, reading. Something that seems to be becoming a lost art. Check score, comment.

Been playing games for a long ass time now and I'm yet to find one Id call perfect, that includes MGS, LBP, Gears etc etc There's always something that you may have preferred a different way, even if you dont know it.

Ha, sorry if this comes across rant like.

HighDefinition3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Good insight.

I just think when in comparison to other 9.2 games, it should be higher. SOTC,Re4 and GTA:SA were all 9.8, I think LBP deserves that too.

BTW, Of course 9.2 is a GREAT review.


I`m happy. see.... :}:}:}

DiabloRising3660d ago

No Fishy, you are right. People put too much stock into arbitrary review scores instead of the review itself. A number tells me nothing, NOTHING, about a game. Not only is it one man's OPINION, but it's also FAR from universal even in numbered scoring. Every person has their own scale, as does every magazine, website, etc. That's why I find it silly to put any weight behind them.

Read the reviews. Use them to INFORM you about a purchase, not to JUDGE a game you have yet to play. Make up your own mind, and value your own opinion above some biased, definitely influenced, usually purchased review score.

HighDefinition3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Do you think games shouldn`t get REVIEWED then? I`m just curious.

Blink_443660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

HighDefinition is a perfect example of a fanboy.

DiabloRising3660d ago

I think reviews should continue. But I think gamers, and even fanboys, need to change how they view and react to them. We should never place them above our own opinions, or use them as ammo in stupid flame wars. I don't give a damn if Halo 3 scored 99%, it doesn't make it any more fun for ME. That's not to say the game isn't quality, it's just not for me, thus the review score clashes with my opinon.

Gamers need to READ the review for the pros and cons, cross reference other reviews to see if its a common complaint, etc. Too often people just look at an arbitrary, tacked on number and call it fact. There is no universal scale for rating games, and using the 93% MGS4 got to compare it to say, the 89% Uncharted got, when they are entirely different genres, is silly and unwarranted I feel. We should focus on what is written, since this is entertainment... and entertainment is highly subjective.

HighDefinition3660d ago

Yeah I`m a fanboy, but first I`m a gamer. That doesn`t make sense to some, but it makes sense to me.

Looks like your a FANBOY too, but of Blink42.


ParaDise_LosT3660d ago

you wouldn't even need reviews :|
being a gamer 1st means that If you love the game everyone elses opinion
should be worth less than a bag of dg sht

LBP is damn amazing, and if anybody thinks this game is crap because it
gets something lower than a 10 is down right stupid...

Blink_443659d ago

Ive never heard of the band Blink42.

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eric1003660d ago

They are quite harsh

But still a 9.2 is a harsh score for LBP

gambare3660d ago

They are sort harsh, they gave MGS4 9.5, but LBP deserved more

morganfell3660d ago

They did it so they can score GeOW2 a 9.3.

HighDefinition3660d ago

But, I don`t think it does the game justice. Personally.

thor3660d ago

HD it's because they are looking for flaws to take marks off.

If you compare it to other games it's 10x more innovative and 100x as fun - it's in a completely different league. Gears of War 2, for example, is basically an improved version of Gears 1, and if there aren't any flaws to take marks away for they'll happily slap a 10 on it. It can't really be better than LBP purely because of the type of game it is.

The 10-point system is very flawed - if you look at games of the past there are many that have gotten 10s, but if you compare those games to games of today, if you take out the nostalgia factor they don't even come close. Look at a game like Haze. Now if you look at the criticisms they revolve around last-gen graphics and last-gen AI and gameplay. If you compare Haze to a good shooter released years ago it's 100s of times better, if it were released back then think how amazed everyone would have been!

My eventual plan is to have a review score system with no upper limit. That is, it's not "out of" anything. There's just a number you assign to a game and if you think there's a game that's better it can be given a higher score. Example:

Resistance 1: 25
Pixeljunk Monsters: 32
Pixeljunk Eden: 31
MGS4: 50
Crash Team Racing: 60
Wipeout HD: 59
Diablo II: 55
LBP: 60

These are my personal preferences but I'd like to see a review system like this.

drtysouf 213660d ago

Its almost like they are trying not to score it as high as it could or should be because its a PS3 exclusive but they know they can't score it to low or it'll standout of the crowd.

jerethdagryphon3660d ago

but ps3 games always get marked down

if you have internet and if you like this

they mark it down delibertly
uncharted should be a 9 but its 8.8 ps3 are always marked down

--Onilink--3660d ago

why is it that people always complain about the same things?, if they give the game u want a 10 its ok, but if they give it to one you dont like, then they are handing out 10's to every game. Its an OPINION, not some universal, non-disputable score system.....

And how is it that a 9.2 or 9.5 is a bad score??, people need to stop comparing every single game based on the score they get.

For example, World of Goo has a 9.5, that doesnt mean its better than LBP, it simply means that both games did an amazing job in what they were trying to achieve.

Just because all games are reviewed on a single scale, doesnt mean thats a point of comparison between them

PimpHandStrong3660d ago

im sure 9.2 is a good score


im sure this game is more then just a score! To some ppl this game will be the be all end all of platforming greatness!

Its a day one buy for anyone that played the beta and really thats all that matters! PPL will play the SH!T out of this game and we will see some great stuff come from it!

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