Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Real-life locations versus in-game environments

DSOGaming writes: "Reddit’s member ‘xXEdgy13YrOldXx‘ has shared some really interesting comparison between some real-life locations and their Kingdom Come: Deliverance in-game counterparts. As we can see, Warhorse was able to recreate a lot of castles and houses as they look in real-life, though it’s obvious that we need a better lighting system in order to come closer to photorealistic visuals (perhaps the game could have looked better if Warhorse kept the lighting system from the beta build)."

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psplova235d ago

Pretty cool. The lighting is what makes this game look so damn good it's the foliage that took a bit of a hit imo (especially up close i.e. textures). Even still, probably the best looking forests in all of gaming.