5 Vaporware Games We’d Like to Finally See Released in 2018

Agent Vaporware is a term used for software and games that are announced, but never released or cancelled. Essentially stuck in limbo due to development hell, lack of communication to the public, or pushed aside for other, more lucrative projects. Here are five long-awaited games we would like to see released this year.

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JonTheGod298d ago

Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be a PS5 title. Not happening this gen.

jay2298d ago

Beyond 2 shouldbt be on that list, its coming.

Fist4achin298d ago

Ahh, HL 3, the unicorn,... I wish, but I don't see any more coming from valve.

clockworkerr0r298d ago

I love the Vaporwave aesthetic, and I would definitely love to see a lot of these games come out soon. I think my favorite out of the list was Agent. Something about this style combined with the Cold War Spy setting really makes me want to try it out. Since it's from the makers of GTA, I'm sure it would be fun, and it would be interesting to see their take on an espionage game. Even if we don't get any of these games this year, I'm still pretty excited for some of the confirmed releases. One that I'm really looking forward to is Nova Nukers. It's a competitive multiplayer that has a lot of really interesting weapons that effect the game's environment, and a unique spherical stage design. I think it's going to be a really interesting game since it's doing a lot that I haven't seen in a multiplayer before.

3-4-5298d ago

I don't want Agent.....I just want a spy game...doesn't have to be agent but we don't really any any good ones to play.

* Create an agent....pick an agency to start espionage and missions against other agencies and stuff.

^ would sell 3,000,000+