EA Losing The Star Wars License Can Be A Good Thing - But Not When Handed To Activision And Ubisoft

Lex at Sirus Gaming: Alright, everybody is already aware of the fiasco that happened last year in November. With all stories that cover surrounding the predatory practices of publishers with microtransactions and the gambling aspects of loot boxes, the Force in our planet is out of balance.

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WilliamSheridan240d ago

Why does anyone need exclusivity? Why not just license it out based on the game and what the company is good at?

choujij239d ago

+1 Because that would make too much sense. lol

The 10th Rider239d ago

Exactly. LucasArts still exists to manage licensing so I don't see why they can't simply increase the staff and then license it out on a case-by-case basis with LucasArts managing it.

mcstorm239d ago

It will probably be cost more than anything else. Also don't forget split / second was Disneys last game they had there name on and even though I loved the game it did not sell well so having it in the hands of a big name helps push the game. For me I don't know who makes them but ide like to see the logo game making company make a star wars game may sound daft but the logo games are always good and high rated logo city being one of the best.

rybobales239d ago

This makes the most sense by far.

flaming_scorpion239d ago

This is literally what they’re doing with the Marvel brand. Sony/Insomniac has a Spider-Man game coming, Capcom just released Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite, and now Square Enix is working on multiple Marvel games. And let’s not forget those “remasters” Activision put out this gen. It just makes much more sense to do the same with the Star Wars brand.

ninsigma239d ago

Yup that's what I think as well. They should just open up to developers pitching ideas to them and license on a single game basis.

rainslacker239d ago

I think it's because Disney doesn't want to deal with all that, and having a single publisher do it means that they can manage all the marketing, and all they have to do is approve any game idea that the publisher may have. EA does all the work, Disney makes easy money.

Of course, they also run the risk of running the IP into the ground, but it doesn't appear that Disney is too concerned about that since they're doing that themselves.

ecchiless239d ago

" since they're doing that themselves. " So true, the last SW movies are so bad.

rainslacker238d ago

I felt the story was OK overall, but I was extremely disappointed in the lack of character development in Rey. She basically started the movie exactly where she began it, and I feel luke should have been more bad ass....which he kind of was at the end there, but they had to do some stupid Matrix style camera effects which just ruined the star wars vibe. The new woman that flew her ship through the destroyer was also a completely unnecessary plot point, with that and her interaction with Poe.

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lnfiniteLoop240d ago

Activision are worse of the lot... just look at how COD/MW has gone from 4 map season passes to 3 map passes with loot crates (supply drops) which have been added to even remastered versions of the series where they didnt exist...

JackBNimble240d ago

Last I checked EA had sold 9 million copies. Ya, EA pissed off the few loud and vocal but the game is still selling better than most 3rd party tittles.

When MT's are reintroduce, I'm willing to bet people will buy those up and the game will continue to sell.
Why? Because people may bitch about EA but they still continue to buy EA games.

In my opinion, I don't think Disney is going anywhere. Why would they?

zugdar239d ago

"I don't think Disney is going anywhere. Why would they?"

The only reason I can think of Disney staying is that EA is willing to get a lot skimmed off the top to keep the licence.

They could/should leave because even at 2 Star Wars games a year at 5 mil sold each would be 20 million titles sold in 2 years (at the rate EA is releasing SW games). Also, EA might not like the deal as much because many creators report Disney being very burdening with their licences and approval for direction over the smallest things.

moomoo319239d ago

EA also dont have anything in the pipeline until respawn's game in early 2020 most likely. Unless they have a surprise announcement lol

_LarZen_239d ago

I think Ubisoft would do a great job. They have become masters of world building and their games are mostly all highly rated and favored by gamers as sales shows. They do a good job for both console and PC gamers with their games.


Uplay sucks too much tho.

_LarZen_239d ago

Yeah it needs some work to say it gently. It’s great until it’s not.. to unstable.

rybobales239d ago

Siege is still too buggy - mainly on the server side - although they have made some improvements the last few major updates. But the graphics and environment are pretty good. \

Ubisoft is best at making almost great games - just good enough to not be hated on but never great enough to garner top notch scores.

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