Devs Explain Lack of Ethan Carter PS4 Pro Support & How Xbox One X Multiple Resolution Support Works

Games now routinely let players pick graphical options to prioritize visuals, resolution, or framerate, and that's great.

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Obscure_Observer333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

Another game getting better enhancements on the X. Shouldn´t be happening since the PS4 has the large userbase. What´s going on?

“It’s just that PS4 Pro was not available when we released Ethan on PS4. We don’t even have the Pro devkits,” he said. “We’ll analyze if it makes commercial sense to purchase them, but if it will, then of course we’ll add the higher res option. Not sure if we’ll go for the real 4K or an upscale from, say, 1440p, it all depends on the performance. It’s hard to say until we buy the kits.”

This is not a conspiracy, guys. ;)

MasterCornholio333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

Sounds like the developers never even bothered to buy the development kits. I wonder what a Pro development kits costs?

Also even with upgrades the Xbox One X version will be better since it's the most powerful console on the market. I don't believe anyone is surprised by the difference between the two.

Belinker300333d ago

Most powerful doesn't mean anything unless the developer's utilise said power and how they implement it

IamTylerDurden1333d ago

The game came out on PS4 before Pro came out so it wasn't part of their PS4 development cycle. The game came to xbox after the X came out so it makes sense that it was in their xbox development cycle.

BeOpenMinded333d ago

Sony should be smart to just give kits to studios that are proven. This came as a shock as the only drawback...

Mulando333d ago

Sony should just give dev-kits to all studios that already paid for the original dev-kits.

KillBill333d ago

Point being that the Xbox Dev kit can do all 3 systems on a single XB1X Dev kit. With a simple switch of a button. PS4 I am told is needed a completely separate Dev kit for each. MS has asked Devs what they wanted and tried at every turn to give them what they asked for.

Sonic_Vs_Mario332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

"Shouldn´t be happening since the PS4 has the large userbase."

That's false. Xbox One X has been outselling PlayStation 4 Pro since day one. Every Xbox One X and Xbox One consoles is a Standard development Kit.

Aenea328d ago (Edited 328d ago )

Is it? You telling me that the One X sold more in a few months than the Pro in more than a year?

Do I have to remind you that 1 in 5 of PS4's sold is a Pro? 25 million PS4's have been sold in that time period, meaning that 5 million of those are Pro's. Can't imagine the One X already having sold that many, am sure we would've heard from MS if they had........

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Belinker300333d ago

Another game no one will ever play anyway,who cares about these Indie developer's take on the newer console mid-refreshes

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