Vampyr has done what other RPGs couldn’t - Feel horrible about murdering innocent people | GR

DontNod’s vampire action RPG has a slew of features that are designed to make you care about NPCs - but prepare yourself for a serious guilt trip

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InTheZoneAC1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

You're a vampire, not a human. I don't see sharks or lions feeling bad about eating their meals, especially if it's's survival.

neoandrew1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

But it is not about the prey its about the hunter, animals are animals, instincts, not compassion and intelligence, they are not civilized, they don't need to, but a human or a vampire are intelligent, they understand things, understand repercussions of their action, a sharks don't understand they are killing a wife, daughter, part of family and what that means, animals don't understand all that concepts it is not their fault.

But for a vampire it is the same as for humans, as he is basically a human sort of, its not survival, its doing something wrong and knowing it.

InTheZoneAC1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

Vampires feed on blood and from what we've seen they target human blood. Just because we're human doesn't mean it's wrong for them...

jznrpg1145d ago

@InTheZoneAC I can understand if the Vampires were never human but if they were maybe they are struggling with their human side

Scar-1145d ago

I agree completely, I always find it hilarious when Humans think there better then animals. Last time I checked animals don't go to war and they don't damage the planet either. Whens the last time you heard of a Tiger killing other 30 other Tigers? When is the last time you heard of a NATURALLY endangered species? Humans are like retarded spoiled rich kids thinking what they own elevates them from the creatures that are far smarter. Most of if not all the people that think they are superior couldn't even make it a day with out there smartphone or game system lets not even mention food and water.

@neoandrew Animals have families and emotions also your point is moot.

attilayavuzer1145d ago

Humans are superior to other animals-that's how we literally escaped the food chain (not to mention create the food chain). Other animals just have the ability to exist, humans have the capacity to change the universe.

Scar-1145d ago

@attilayavuzer humans have the capacity to negatively change and destroy the world that is why certain species have been hunted to extinction and certain parts of the world have air pollution that is literally poisonous and toxic. I'm not surprised by the down votes either, most of you dips**** that disagree can't even make a bird house but want to take credit for men that made revolutionary inventions simply because you share the same species. All the while down playing the violent and destructive nature of men who share the same species. Lastly yes humans did escape the food chain only to kill each other so now instead of a animal mauling you get shot by a lunatic or robbed and killed...progress?

attilayavuzer1145d ago

@Scar Yes, progress. What's holding a lot of people back is the pessimism you're displaying. If you like your odds of living alone in the wild be my guest, but I'm pretty sure you'd rather stay inside your regressive, climate controlled house surrounded by technology and conveniences.

The fact is, we're living in the most peaceful and safe time of human history. It's only going to get better as the world becomes more connected. You can be pissy about it, but it doesn't change the reality.

hongthay1142d ago

Animals do go to war, and it is documented. Both Chimpanzees and ants are well documented for their wars and genocides of other packs/colonies.

Also, as far as naturally endangered species, there are quite a few animals that are naturally endangered from predators. As a matter of fact, scientists work very hard to make sure that animal populations are controlled in many areas to prevent natural extinction from occurring. The first one that comes to mind are African bees in the US, but I'm sure a quick google search can bring up about 100 examples.

A lot of people like to think that people are the only ones that are so evil, but while we may be the best at it, we aren't the only ones.

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rainslacker1145d ago

I don't feel horrible for murdering people in game, because they're not people. They're digital characters that I have no attachment to.

spicelicka1145d ago

Well that's not really the point of the article. You must feel some emotion when a character you like does in a movie or TV show? Those are just characters too. Same should apply to a game if it's powerful enough.

rainslacker1145d ago

Sure, but in those cases, they're characters that I've built a connection to. I don't feel anything about the random henchman killed in any action movie. But I may feel something about the main bad guy, or his right hand man getting killed in that same movie.

But the feeling isn't about the horror, it's about whether or not it satisfies my notion of if the characters death resolved some issue within the story.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that most of the people you murder in a game aren't trying to achieve making the player horrible for killing innocent people. In most cases, the people you kill aren't exactly innocent. Usually if you can kill someone, they're an antagonist in some way.

spicelicka1145d ago

But sharks don't have the intelligence of a human, whereas a vampire does. Realistically speaking a vampire should at least contemplate whether it's good or bad to prey on humans.

InTheZoneAC1145d ago

if a vampire feeds on human blood then what's your argument? You're just assuming vampires feed on any blood, if that's the case why not feed on themselves?

spicelicka1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

^Then my argument would be to get blood donations or farm human blood in some ethical mutually beneficial way. Or at least farm the blood and not kill them, like in that Daybreakers movie.

The CONTEMPLATION should be there if intelligence is there, regardless of whether they actually do it or not.

Grown Folks Talk1144d ago

Terrible examples. 2 animals that don't even target humans as prey. A lion may if starving & desperate. We don't have enough fat to make it worth the energy sharks would expend to eat us, which is why the majority of encounters are non-fatal. Just admit humans suck. Too smart for our own good. Notice the other species that harm & kill for fun are orcas & dolphins. 2 of the smartest non human animals in the world.

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DanteVFenris6661145d ago

It’s definitely not the first rpg to have done this.

TheColbertinator1145d ago

Deus Ex 1 and 2 gave me some chills after a few certain civilian murders.

Scar-1145d ago

Each his own I honestly don't think any game has pulled this off, the only thing that comes close is Infamous and I don't even feel horrible I just want to keep my karma level. Most games depict cowards of people correctly they are loud, rude and generally self centered, you would have to make a game world filled with "good" people for me to even start to feel anything. This is why I liked The Heart from Dishonored the game didn't pretend that everyone was a goody two shoes.

TheOttomatic911145d ago

Clearly you haven’t played enough RPGs then

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