XCOM 2 gets Xbox One Enhanced as new Collection arrives for purchase

Neil writes: "It's not cheap, and if you already own the Digital Deluxe Edition of XCOM 2 on Xbox One, then you'll want to look away right now, but as XCOM 2 gets the Xbox One Enhanced treatment, gamers are themselves rewarded with the chance to purchase the XCOM 2 Collection. And it all looks pretty exciting."

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Obscure_Observer240d ago

Awesome! This game will be fantastic on the X! Enhanced out of the blue! O.o

And some members on N4G said that Xbox One X owners should be worried about proper enhancements now that the X is out. Lol.

Gaming4Life1981240d ago

Yea nice to hear cause I never did finish this game but now that it has been enhanced I'll make sure I do. Its a really good game to anyone that has not played it, sadly it was added to my backlog cause I buy way too many games lol.

Paid_Vacation240d ago

Lmao!! There were definitely rumblings of Xbox enhancements never seeing the light and there are usually three articles a week of Xbox X getting them.

I can't even imagine owing a pro and not getting any type of the same enhancements as the X does for that price of upgrade.

spicelicka240d ago

That thumbnail almost looks like Destiny

Jinger240d ago

But it is much much MUCH better than Destiny haha

BlackTar187240d ago

hopefully it fixes the load issues

Paid_Vacation240d ago

The load issues we're fixed when the expansion released.

BlackTar187240d ago

No they weren't i've played this game like 6-8x all the way through and beat the entire expansion

The load times were not fixed.

Paid_Vacation240d ago

Well then you must be playing on the Atari 2600 version because I've finished the expansion twice and the load times are no where near as ridiculous as they we're in the beginning.

May have to step ya game up in the console biz.

BlackTar187240d ago

ok i have a PS4 pro and you can check my trophies i'm not lying. I've also had this conversation with multiple people post DLC and they all say what i am.

I have yet to hear anyone say what you are. Unless you're saying that instead of 11mins a load time it's 9 mins.

Step ya game up? What are you 12?

KillBill239d ago

What they need to do is fix the constant crashing of the game once you get deep into it.