The Violent Video Blame Game PSN Name Change and Long Live PSVita

On this weeks episode, Trophy Room hosts Joseph, and Kyle tackle the old "violent video games" debate. Whether Sony, is finally going to get with the times and offer PSN name changes in 2018, and its the PlayStation Vita's birthday. PlayStation VR some new games and a temporary price drop. How would Joe and Kyle change the course of the PlayStation Vita, and much more.

What We've been playing? 00:00 - 8:08

Do video games make us violent? 8:09 – 26:56

PSN Name Change finally coming? 26:57

VR Price drop and new games coming! 37:35 –

Happy Birthday Vita! 48:20 – 1:08:02

Viewer mail! 1:08:02 - fin

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FallenAngel1984331d ago

Remember when almost 2 years ago Sony banned someone for using their real name in their PSN ID, and that guy’s name just happened to be Jihad