New Battlefield 1 Apocalypse screens show why DICE's shooter remains one of the best looking games

Electronic Arts and DICE have released some brand new screenshots for Battlefield 1’s latest free DLC, the Apocalypse. This DLC comes with five new maps, new melee weapons, six new guns, new gadgets and a new aircraft.

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theXtReMe1336d ago

Damnit... I’d really love be to get into multiplayer with this game. Though I’m not going to support them until they support the X with a patch. They already have the 4K textures on the PC... so Just up the resolution, draw distance and add the 4K textures and I’d be happy.

Profchaos335d ago

I'd assume they had already done the X patch by default since it was a pro launch title it would just make sense

blacktiger335d ago

It came out before X so....

Parasyte335d ago

I doubt they will do a patch for BF1 since a new Battlefield game is coming out this year.

Silkside335d ago

The games dead, the dlcs and premium bullshit has split the community. Bare anyone is on. Zzzzz all shooters follow the same path now. Greedy dlcs and premium membership kills the player base

Usperg335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

02/22/2018 01:00:00 76,55 11,307 31,645 33,601
02/22/2018 00:00:00 79,554 12,026 31,041 36,487
02/21/2018 23:00:00 87,560 14,900 31,160 41,500
02/21/2018 22:00:00 95,303 18,608 30,551 46,144
02/21/2018 21:00:00 100,621 22,564 28,969 49,088
02/21/2018 20:00:00 102,408 23,953 28,139 50,316
02/21/2018 19:00:00 102,787 25,128 27,051 50,608
02/21/2018 18:00:00 98,815 24,265 25,298 49,252
02/21/2018 17:00:00 92,975 22,744 23,035 47,196
02/21/2018 16:00:00 86,095 21,803 20,295 43,997

yup game is fking dead, no one at all is playing! pc xbox ps4

Parasyte335d ago

If you are going to rage, at least spell properly.

Newmanator335d ago

I have the premium, level 95 and I have never not been able to get into a game ever since launch?