How Video Games Have Become a Scapegoat for Violence

Sadly in 2018 it seems after every tragedy, whether it's Congressmen, Senators, or the news media video games get constantly blamed for mess shootings, poisoning our youth, or desensitizing violence and damaging society. Some of the most vocal, like Governor Bevis from Kentucky blaming violent video games like Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, and Doom on the mass shooting in Florida. Bad Bit Games host Joseph, talks about the positive influence video games have had in his life. While dispelling the myth that games make people violent, what parents need to get involved, and what you can do to help show how games are positive for people of all ages.

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TGG_overlord331d ago

A crazy person doesn't need games to justify his or her violent action (s), because the said person will do evil things no matter if he or she plays games or not. Furthermore, my past interviews with Chris Ferguson and Running with scissors proved exactly that:

PhoenixUp331d ago

The spirit of Jack Thompson lives on

Poli_Games331d ago

Ugh, Video games greatest real life troll

blawren4330d ago

This comes and goes like the tides. Always spoken from people that don't understand or appreciate gaming and is never based on facts. The reason it goes away for a time is always based on facts, but those facts are quickly forgotten just in time for the next round. Our country was founded on freedom and rights. Americans don't take kindly to taking away freedoms, so, unfortunately, we are going to have to deal with fallout of people that take things to the extreme. Gaming has nothing to do with it.

Cobra951330d ago

The guilty parties usually end up dead or locked up for life. But somehow that isn't good enough. They have to go find something else to blame. First it's the tools used to kill (typically guns), then other convenient targets like videogames. It's part of the ingrained human stupidity. People can't grasp that in a society where guns exist by the millions and most of the citizenry are defenseless like sheep, armed crazy people will occasionally slaughter them as a wolf would. Laws and the blame game won't stop it. Only proper civilian defense has a chance of reducing the head count.

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