Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Orbonne Monastery Stage Will Make You Want a Final Fantasy Tactics Remake

Square Enix is bringing a nostalgic map from Final Fantasy Tactics in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and its arcade counterpart, and it looks awesome.

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Omnislashver36599d ago


Where's my Tactics's Remake?

Pookandpie599d ago

I can get behind this. I absolutely loved Tactics.

I was obsessed with it in high school to the point where I did a comic adaptation of it (and when I wasn't working on that, I was playing the game. Again. I beat it, start to finish, probably twelve or fourteen times).

My comic was garbage, but hey, this video tingled my nostalgia jimmies in all the right ways lol.

Omnislashver36599d ago (Edited 599d ago )

I liked it. The only thing I'd say is make Ramza a bit manlier. The fact they can pretty much max out graphics considering how small the maps are is an awesome thought. They can make it look near photo realistic because the demands are so low. Or they could go stylized if they want. Or anywhere in between. It's a perfect game to just do for the hell of it. Just don't crap on it like Secret of Mana Remake. Honestly the graphics looked worst than PS1 which was just damn disappointing because they could have pushed them much, much further, and it didn't rival the original's pixel art at all.

Another idea is they could make the maps bigger(say 2x) and have you work through them. So much they could do! And a sequel... Even if Matsuno is gone...

Pookandpie598d ago

Yeah, Ramza really does look super feminine. If it wasn't for the outfit, I would not have known it was even him (which says something considering just how into that game I got).

I honestly thought the balance they struck in War of the Lions was perfect- I wouldn't change a thing. I mean, they could, and I'd still play it, but we had people grumbling about a script that wasn't full of Engrish when War of the Lions came out; complete map overhauls may not be seen kindly by the fanbase lol.

Omnislashver36598d ago

Maybe just add more maps and side quests then?