Fire Emblem Heroes earned almost $300 million in its first year- Nintendo Everything

As Fire Emblem Heroes celebrates its first anniversary, Sensor Tower is taking a look back at how the game has done over the past year. Sensor Tower report that Fire Emblem Heroes has earned an estimated $295 million worldwide in player spending, making it Nintendo’s most successful mobile game thus far.

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DivineAssault 291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

Insanity.. I dont understand why people pay money to play these phone games.. Despite how great they are, im not paying a dime for something that has touch controls.. Sad part is that this encourages companies to keep pumping out titles that have payment methods

blawren4290d ago

I will occasionally support a mobile game that I have enjoyed, but typically only with Google Rewards app money. Great app, if anyone hasn't heard of it. I've spent about $50 reward money on mobile games/apps, and maybe another $3-5 of my own money in the past. If you enjoy a game and spend any time on it, it's not a hard sell to support in a small way. When people take it to the extreme, it gets ridiculous.

DivineAssault 290d ago

i get what your saying dude but companies will take full advantage of these microtransactions and put in the bare minimum in games to nickle n dime consumers.. I dont support it at all.. If they were an upfront fee, id consider it but theyll never be that way.. Some but not the majority.. Free to play is complete garbage..

michellelynn0976291d ago

I can't wait for FE for the Switch later this year.