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Rob Pitt writes: How many people out there remember the old school platformers? I’m not talking about your Marios, Sonics or even your Bubsys – I’m talking about games such as Jazz Jackrabbit, Commander Keen and Ruff’n’Tumble. These are 90’s era platformers which were limited to computers, rather than consoles, so machines such as the Amiga and a 386/486 with DOS. We have seen a few of these games come back in recent years via services such as GOG as a 1:1 working version on modern hardware but we have also received an inspired remake which may have flew under a lot of peoples radar. Rad Rodgers is yet another Kickstarter born game, from Slipgate Studios and published by THQ Nordic, which hit PC back in 2016 and has just come out for modern consoles. It’s basically Ruff Rogers from Ruff’n’Tumble’ with some new mechanics and running on the U4 engine. So, let’s take a look and see if this game is worth picking up.

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