Neocrisis: Fragile *TGS*

Neocrisis: A new trailer for Fragile, a RPG on the Wii.

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TheColbertinator3656d ago

That game looks good.Though I wonder if its an RPG or an action game.

Captain_Sony3655d ago

"Neocrisis: A new trailer for Fragile, a RPG on the Wii".

Yeah kinda hard to tell if its action or RPG especially when they say its an RPG..

PS360WII3656d ago

Yes the game has a very nice look to it. They keep saying it's an rpg so maybe it's an action rpg.

TheColbertinator3656d ago

That would be great.An action RPG with beautiful art direction and enchanting music sounds like a masterpiece to me.

TruthbeTold3655d ago

Very artistic. I like the game more every time there's new information on it.