BioMutant May Just Be 2018's Sleeper Hit

Twinfinite Writes: With a new gameplay trailer out, BioMutant from THQ Nordic is looking like it could be one of the best sleeper hits of 2018.

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jamiethepayne2287d ago

I keep hearing more and more good things about this game. I may have to check it out.

thejigisup2286d ago

I've had this on my radar, looks great

Zarock2285d ago

The games trailer looked ugly though.

Hardiman2287d ago

Was intrigued the first time I saw the first preview in Game Informer and everything I've seen since has only strengthened my interest!

PrinceVegeta2286d ago

Yes, this. This game looks like its gonna be an awesome adventure.

morganfell2287d ago

It was revealed last year to huge fanfare and acclaim. It generated a lot of preorders including mine. But it is not exactly a sleeper. Just because something has gone for months without an update doesn't make it a sleeper.

The 10th Rider2286d ago

Yeah, a lot of sites misuse the term "sleeper hit". The very fact that they're writing an article about it being a sleeper hit before the game is released means they think it will be a hit, which is contradictory to the idea that it will be a sleeper hit. A sleeper hit is a game with little fanfare or excitement that comes out of nowhere and becomes a huge success . . . Something like Rocket League.

-Foxtrot2287d ago

It’s one of those games which could be an amazing sleeper hit passing expectations or a game which dosent live up to anything we’ve been shown off resulting in an awful disappointment

It could go either way. I hope it is good though, I’m liking the look of it.

UltraNova2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Agrees but damn look at that gameplay trailer again and tell me all those combat mechanics, greatly designed areas and general feel to it and tell me its not looking to be a stellar game!

Teflon022285d ago

how can a sleeper hit pass expectations? I;m sure the game isn't being aimed as a sleeper so that's not making sense

-Foxtrot2285d ago

Our expectations in terms of quality not sales

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Philaroni2d ago

Good for them, I miss games like this is, was rough at some points but by now I feel it must have got better. Maybe I'm just a sucker for fuzzy things like Ratchet and Clank, and the old Conker and Jak/Dax games. Don't know, just reminds me of those times.


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