PUBG region lock is happening, third map is on its way

FGR writes:
Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is about to become even more significant, and we know it. Even if we’re far away, Brendan Greene has promised that modding will be enabled, so the community can take part in creating their game modes soon.

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3-4-5238d ago

No more "China #1 !" problem ?

238d ago
Cyborgg238d ago

After a year we finally get a third map

AnubisG238d ago

Ha! That is good news. Now the world will not have to deal with 99% of the cheaters because they are all from China.

Cobra951238d ago

You are all happy about a region lock? Man, how times have changed.

Rachel_Alucard238d ago

Blame China. The player numbers are heavily inflated with chinese smurf accounts trying to make money off the lootboxes. Theres legit players but theyre lost in a sea of hackers.

DeadManMMX238d ago

Yes let China play with China.

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